Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Claire's Matte Gray/Sally Hansen Silver Lining

Claire's Matte Gray 1 coat, Sally Hansen Silver Lining 1 coat.

The shiny is just about killing me dead. You can't see the teeny tiny little flecks of blue in Silver Lining. Too bad cause it is amazing.

EDIT: you can see the flecks if click the pics! All my pics are click-able to enormous if that's your thing.. :)


  1. I have this one and a few others from summer SH release. I keep forgetting to swatch them. You've reminded me why I bought them. I gotta get on that!

  2. oh you really should! they are so lovely! and since it FINALLY GOT HERE... :D

  3. Oooolook shiny! I want!
    Love the enlarge-ability, that's really cool.