Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sally Hansen Extreme Purple Gala

I sent Chris a list of polishes to look for in the US on his last trip. He found the Milani's I wanted but came up empty with the SH's I asked for.

Which worked out just fine as I found them here last week! There they were, just waiting for me.

I admit to squeeeeeeeing when I saw them. I mean, look at that colour. It's gorgeous! 

2 coats, kinda sunny and see the shine? The shimmer? The foily goodness?

Sally, you may be a ho, but you are a crafty one!

Please forgive the weird pics, I just got a new camera and hadn't quite figured out the settings when I took these. They are HUGE. I plead ignorance for now.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

LA Girl Metal Deep Sea Mica. Revlon Galaxy

Chris really liked this one. He said it looked like exposed aggregate.

I thought it was sparkly fun!

This was 2 coats of the Deep Sea Mica, 1 scant coat of Galaxy.

I really dug the little black speckles. It was a sweet combo. 

Very underwater like. Both polishes were very easy to use too.. nice coverage and smooth.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Franken Friday!!

I saw someone on MUA had done some tinkering with HT and Merry Midnight so I blatantly copied that idea. 

I added some Zoya Lael, and some Rimmel Addictive.

It added some depth and a hint of blue shimmer.

I am really happy with the way this came out!

2 coats over UD Bruise. 

Have a happy creative weekend all!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Urban Decay Bruise

I have been lemming this polish since like forever ago! I decided one afternoon to see if I could find it on the evilbay..

No problem! It was totally there, waiting for me to buy it. And it shipped from the UK so lickety-split fast, I had it in my grabby hands pronto!

2 perfect coats, I was amazed at how well this covered! Look at that blue shimmer! Isn't it just the bomb?

I may be having some sort of really weird blue/purple/red thing going on right now. I can't seem to get enough of them.

Even the sun co-operated for these pictures. Shocking!

I am so lemming the new ORLY Cosmics, does anyone know if this is a dupe for any of them? The gal at Sally's said she'd call  me when they come in.. I reckon it won't matter if it is dupey, I really NEED those ORLY's. :D

What are you lemming right now?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

OPI DS Glamour

You know how much I love the DS series, and Glamour is no exception.I only included this pic as my little orange KIA is in the background :)

I wish I had better shinier pictures to show you, but we are still under a smoky sky from the forest fires in BC. 

Thank Voodoo Man for incandescent lights! A little rainbow for you all.

I wish I could have rainbows on my nails all the time...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NYC Flat Iron Green with Urban Outfitters Sparkle Green

I know you all saw this yesterday...

but look! Now it has flakie goodness!

Urban Outfitters had these on for 99 cents!

It did darken up the NYC some, but the flakies are so cute! This is one coat of the UO. Our skies are blue today. The yellow was from forest fires in BC! The jet stream changed course, so we had all this particulate in our atmosphere. Very weird yes? Also today I may have gone a little batshit crazy at a LYS..

So much yarny goodness.. almost all on sale! What hobbies are keeping you busy now?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NYC Flat Iron Green

The sky outside my house is yellow. Really really yellow. And it's cold out (12 degrees celcius) so I don't think its a tornado...

It's skewing all my pictures slightly green, which actually works for this polish! It's a super blackened green (and did mention it was like 1.50!?! wowsers..) and it is super duper shiny!

2 easy peasy coats in this weird green light. I tried to take about eleventy million more pictures, but they all came out with my fingers red as lobsters. Cooked ones! So these will have to do.

If NARS Zulu is like this but a jelly? I WILL DIE OF THE PRETTY! I also will be pre-ordering it. mmmmm.. jelly....

Keep your eyes on the skies gorgeous! What's your weather like?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

NYX Blood, Femme Couture Prince ala Charm

I almost have no words for how pretty this is. 

Please ignore the state of my tips, I had a whack of cleaning to do this am and they took a beating.

2 coats of Blood, 1 coat of Prince ala Charm. Full sun. I am dead from the fabulous.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Franken Friday!!

Ever have a hankering for something you just don't have? You know, like a Kit Kat Blizzard at 3 am? I had that craving (for the blizzard more than once I tell you!) for a red purple jelly with sparkles.

So I made one.

Um seriously.. how hot is this?

I used some Claire's Hollywood and Starstruck with ChG Seduce me and
Sephora OPI Blue Grotto.
I love it so so so much. I may even put it on again. Like today.
Do you franken? Any awesome recipes to share?
Happy weekend gorgeous..

PS ignore the yucky under finger filing.. I had an argument with the nail clippers. They won.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Barielle A Bouquet for Ava

I love blue polish.

This doesn't quite capture the amazing saturated teal this is in real life.

So gorgeous! But it was chippy. I'm starting to think it's the nail brightener I'm using under my usual Orly Bonder. I think I'll be going back to my usual Witchcraft hardener.

2 coats. Overcast day. Yummy colour. 

See what I mean jellybean? What is your favourite blue?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sephora Stormy Pink

I picked this up on the weekend. Sephora was having a double points/GWP and I ALWAYS fall for that. 

This is neither Stormy or Pink. It looks like a straight up burgundy to me. 

My manis have been lacking something lately. Maybe I need more bling in my life right now. 

This is 2 coats, full sun. It scratched up really quickly and has a chip already! I think I need to open up a new topcoat. What do you do when your manicures start to seem boring?