Thursday, October 28, 2010

MAC Dry Martini

I used to have a bunch of MAC polishes. The bottle was different, and I didn't seem to mind brush stroke marks. This was the first one of the new bottles I bought. I LOVE this colour. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

The first time I wore this was months and months ago. The next time I went to put it on, it had evaporated by like 1/8th! I added some thinner. 

I didn't use it then and promptly forgot about it. The next time I looked at it, it had evaporated AGAIN! Even more this time! I added thinner.

When I got around to swatching my nail wheels, IT DID IT AGAIN! I added a whack of clear polish to it that time. Maybe half to a centimeter's worth. Shook the shit outta it, capped it tightly and hoped for the best. 

Seems to have done the trick this time! Went on butter smooth and covered in 2 coats. Weird mystery polish. Still love that colour ;) 

My little Pickle monster got into some tall dead grass in our backyard and seems to have scratched or irritated his eye. I'm keeping a close eye (ha ha) on him and do have him booked into the vet next week. We can take him in as a walk in if need be, but it seems to be clearing up on it's own. Poor Pickles! I hope it does, I'd hate to trim his gorgeous lashes. :)

ooooooh... I'm Pickles.... feel sorry for me...

Max is not impressed.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fingerpaints Tough Art To Follow, OPI Call My Cell-ery

I'm never surprised when I choose a green polish. I love green. My husband, not so much.

Even he liked this sparkly duo. It looked like Zombie Zest's older, goth-er sister. 

2 coats of TATF (has any one done a comp between this and Nars Zulu? I don't have Zulu, but it looks awfully similar in pix to me!) and 2 of the OPI. 

What did surprise me was the tone of this green, I'm usually far more of a swampy, olive, army kinda gal, but I really dug this. It looked great against my skin.

I may just become a green equal opportunist!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Orly Snowcone, Sally Hansen HD Spectrum

I figured I should try out the other SH polish I picked up. For posterity's sake. So here it is!

Wow! This is am amazingly brilliant blue. I'm not really seeing the flashes of pink I see in the bottle on my nail, but it's still pretty blingtastic!

It has that foil-y look I am so crazy about and the colour is INTENSE. 

This is 2 coats of Spectrum over 1 coat of Snowcone. I wanted to use something that would cover in 1 coat and the Orly seemed a good choice. 

I think the next time, I'd try it over a red or pink polish to see if pulled more purple. That would be spectacular!

I found this mani chipped a lot sooner than the previous one. In fact it's sitting on my hands right now looking totally trashed. I need to get some length off my claws right now! My nails grow like crazy. I think it's all the knitting...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Orly Velvet Rope, SH HD Laser

Wow, wowee, wow, wow, wow! 

I passed on the SH HD's when they first came out, but saw some in a clearance bin this weekend. I picked up Laser and Spectrum. Umm.. why did I pass on these before? 

It's like totally my favourite finish of like all time! 

Like OMG! But really, this is stunning. Almost in a literal sense. I keep staring at my nails. They have stunned me. 

This is 2 coats of Laser over 2 coats of Velvet Rope (which is a gorgeous matte plum, but that is for another day maybe!) and I coat of Speedey from CND. It's bloody lovely isn't it?

Goes to show you, you gotta give some polishes a second look. Or you'll miss out on surprising yourself with the gorgeous. 

Have any polishes surprised you lately? Anything you thought was blech that turned out to be the hot? Do tell....

Friday, October 15, 2010

OPI We'll Always Have Paris Suede

Late fall afternoons have such gorgeous light. Golden and warm.

The wind is cool and you can feel the earth cooling off too. 

I picked this up for a song the other day. I LOVE suede's. They really are the sweatpants of nails. 

Easy to apply, fast drying, and soft somehow. 


Gorgeous with my ring right? 

But then you add a top coat (um a few days later.. pardon the tip wear!) and SCHWING! 

Shiny, blingy, KAZAAM!

I'm in a little shock that the suede wore like iron for 3 days with no chipping or anything. I slapped this top coat on to show it's super side, but could have left it on for a couple of more days for sure!

2 coats of polish, over top of Orly Bonder. That's it. Impressive right? Well it is for me.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

OPI Tease-y Does It

I'm loving this collection from OPI. I've bought 3 of them so far.. 

You think, oh vampy. Nice but you know, nothing special. 

Sure it's shiny but eh...


Gorgeous deep shimmer that entrances your eyes and makes you look, look, look....

So well done OPI. This was 2 easy peasy coats, and clean up was a breeze too. 

I'm digging it.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Color Club Wild Orchid

Yeah, another Color Club. Can you tell I found a whole bunch at Winner's too? 

It's been a little grey here lately, and yesterday was Thanksgiving up here in Canuckistan.

We had a rather abbreviated dinner. Turkey breast roast, stuffing, taters, baby carrots and peas! With of course Pumpkin Pie. This polish totally matched the sky yesterday. 

I found a tiny spot of sun to take this pictures in and the shimmer would not come out no matter how I contorted my hands. It is a gorgeous colour regardless. 

The coverage was fantastic too. This was 2 coats but I may have been able to get away with one if I was careful. 

These CC's are an absolute dream to clean up/remove. They are really really lovely polishes! 

I'd post something about it totally matching my ring but that would be redundant yes? How I lurve my rings. And to answer a question I make them! I've been on a little spree lately, so expect to see more. :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Color Club Wild at Heart

Well my oh my, this is a sneaky little polish isn't it?

From the way it looks in the bottle you'd hardly know the absolute gorgeousness that lurks inside.

Hidden rainbows of holo, the deep complex purple-ness..

it's a stunner all right. Did I mention it is almost a 1 coater? I used about 1.5 coats to achieve this level of fabulous.

The girl at polish heaven asked me if my nails were real today. When I told her that they were indeed mine and I bought the polish from her, she could hardly believe it. 

I showed her the bottle and we both agreed it was a well kept secret. 

And it totally matches my ring. 

Happy weekend ya'll!