Friday, December 31, 2010

American Apparel MacArthur Park, Sinful Agaci

I was so excited to get this polish. I kept going into AA (which my husband calls the costume store. The kids in there look like they're in an 80's movie) to pester check to see if they had them yet. 

I wasn't planning on getting this colour until I saw it popping up on blogs. I do love me some vomit coloured green polish. I did get a couple of bubbles as the polish was a titch thick (note to self: could use some thinner) and I fully consider it user error. BUT OMG COLOUR AWESOME!!

After a couple of days (2 coats, great wear!) I threw on one coat of Agaci. I had an idea it would be great over it and I'm happy to report it does. There's no sun here now, but it's glittery and sparkly and happy making. 

It even makes my pink tinsel tree happy!


  1. Oh, I ove this! I think I am going to have to suck it up and make that dreaded trip in to AA.

  2. you really really do. it's just sooo pretty.