Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tommy Hilfiger Blue

My husband is a big fan of Tommy Hilfiger so we tend to go into the shop a lot. During the Boxing Day sales I happened to notice a set of polish at the counter when he was paying for his stuff. I picked it up seeing it was 60% off and OMG NICE!

There was this colour (which is a little more teal-ish IRL), a creamy light grey, and a medium fuchsia pink. 

It went on super smooth, I had practically no clean up to speak of. The colour was opaque in say 1.5 coats but I do 2 out of habit always. 

On the bottom of the bottle it says manufactured for in the Netherlands. I have no idea who the maker is but DAMN! Super duper nice polish! There was also a sparkly metallic set as well.. I may pick it up if I see it again. 

Isn't it lovely? It has no name either, so I call it.. blue. ;)


  1. Such a nice color! I didn't know Tommy had polish :D I live in the Netherlands, and I've never seen them before! Well, I haven't been in a Hilfiger shop quite a while, I might take a look :)

  2. Nice! What other colours came in your set?

  3. This polish is really beautiful, too bad that they didn't give it a name.

  4. it looks creamy and beautiful too!

  5. @Lois, you should check it out. these polishes are the bomb.

    @Danielle there was a pink and a grey. I've swatched them both and they are outstanding!

    @colorfulbottle. I know right? I hate no name polishes.

    @Aggiepigeon it is so so creamy. *love*