Friday, January 21, 2011

American Apparel African Violet and Bonus Bottle pics!

I do love a nice red purple. I think they are so much easier to wear than a lavender/mauve. Darker is so much more manageable for me. 

This covered gorgeously, I probably could have done 1 careful coat, but I am a creature of habit, so 2 it was.

I would have worn this all week if not for an incident with my Kitchen Aid and not quite set polish. Oh well! There is always more polish to use right? 

These are the Tommy Hilfiger bottles I promised to show you. They are nice! The cap is rubbery (like Nars packaging) and are easy to grip.

The silver one on the end (untried) looks like a Lippmann polish I've seen at Murale! 

This poor bastard was a victim of I don't know what. When I opened the box they came in, the bottle had a huge spill and it somehow eaten away a big portion of the rubbery cap! So in my zest to clean it up, I used acetone on the rubbery part. OOPS! Yeah, that didn't pan out so well. Good thing I'd pickled up some empty bottles at the supply place! This blue looks pretty nondescript anyways but still.. hats' off to the fallen soldier. 

Happy weekend possums!

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