Monday, January 10, 2011

Tommy Hilfiger Pink

I don't know if I have ever worn a colour as bright as this one. 

Honestly! Even my husband noticed it. He was all "Wow! That is one bright red!" and then I had to tell him it was pink. Or more appropriately fuchsia.

This has that awesome plastic-y quality that the blue one did. It even feels slightly rubbery. 

I love it. Plain and simple. 2 coats, clean up was beyond awesome. Don't you love polishes like that? Where the clean up is super easy? I sure do.

Enough that I went and found the other set of the metallic ones. Haven't tried them yet but I already had bottle trauma with one of them. I'll take photos of said bottles for you all.


  1. I had no idea Tommy H. sold nail polish; this looks nice!

  2. Pretty color! How much did you pay for this tommu hilfiger?

  3. @Lois I think it was 18 reg price but I got it for about 6 CAD. gotta love those boxing day sales!