Saturday, January 15, 2011

Joe Fresh Moss

I had no Joe Fresh polishes at all. :( We rarely go to Superstore because they never have enough cashiers on and standing 12 deep with a cart full of stuff sucks.

We sucked it up to go there last week and I picked up this little gem. 

OMG LOVE. 2 coats of perfect green creamy goodness. 

This was easy to apply and clean up, and the colour is lovely. 

I wish I'd picked up more colours, cause it may be a long time before we head back there. But rest assured there will be more polish in that cart when I do.


  1. Never heard of this brand before, but the color is awesome! I love creme polishes!

  2. Beautiful and pigmented lacquer. I wish we had this brand in the states. Looks awesome and I hope it was worth braving the superstore? lol

  3. it was totally worth the trip :) cremes are indeed the best!

  4. Dude - pay at the clothing counter. Nobody ever goes there! That was my Xmas Eve, in and out in 5 mins while everybody else was stacked up the aisles. Nice colour!