Monday, October 11, 2010

Color Club Wild Orchid

Yeah, another Color Club. Can you tell I found a whole bunch at Winner's too? 

It's been a little grey here lately, and yesterday was Thanksgiving up here in Canuckistan.

We had a rather abbreviated dinner. Turkey breast roast, stuffing, taters, baby carrots and peas! With of course Pumpkin Pie. This polish totally matched the sky yesterday. 

I found a tiny spot of sun to take this pictures in and the shimmer would not come out no matter how I contorted my hands. It is a gorgeous colour regardless. 

The coverage was fantastic too. This was 2 coats but I may have been able to get away with one if I was careful. 

These CC's are an absolute dream to clean up/remove. They are really really lovely polishes! 

I'd post something about it totally matching my ring but that would be redundant yes? How I lurve my rings. And to answer a question I make them! I've been on a little spree lately, so expect to see more. :)


  1. Very pretty! And I'd love to see a ring-making tutorial...just saying. ;)

  2. Nice! I just found this set today at Winners, I am excited to try it!

  3. @Zara I'd be embarrassed to put up pictures of me gluing ring blanks to cabs. ;) but you are a doll anyways.

    @Lindsay Winner's has been fabulous for polish lately yes? And those CC's are cheaper than at the supply places!!