Friday, October 15, 2010

OPI We'll Always Have Paris Suede

Late fall afternoons have such gorgeous light. Golden and warm.

The wind is cool and you can feel the earth cooling off too. 

I picked this up for a song the other day. I LOVE suede's. They really are the sweatpants of nails. 

Easy to apply, fast drying, and soft somehow. 


Gorgeous with my ring right? 

But then you add a top coat (um a few days later.. pardon the tip wear!) and SCHWING! 

Shiny, blingy, KAZAAM!

I'm in a little shock that the suede wore like iron for 3 days with no chipping or anything. I slapped this top coat on to show it's super side, but could have left it on for a couple of more days for sure!

2 coats of polish, over top of Orly Bonder. That's it. Impressive right? Well it is for me.


  1. I'm impressed and total lolz @ the sweatpants for nails!

  2. I have Ink Suede but the wear on it is horrible! I think I really need to pick up some of that orly bonder! This color is great ;)

  3. I LOVE Bonder. i do switch it out with stickey sometimes, but bonder works so well for me!

    and dude.. totally sweatpants for nails. as I write this in actual sweatpants ;)