Thursday, October 28, 2010

MAC Dry Martini

I used to have a bunch of MAC polishes. The bottle was different, and I didn't seem to mind brush stroke marks. This was the first one of the new bottles I bought. I LOVE this colour. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

The first time I wore this was months and months ago. The next time I went to put it on, it had evaporated by like 1/8th! I added some thinner. 

I didn't use it then and promptly forgot about it. The next time I looked at it, it had evaporated AGAIN! Even more this time! I added thinner.

When I got around to swatching my nail wheels, IT DID IT AGAIN! I added a whack of clear polish to it that time. Maybe half to a centimeter's worth. Shook the shit outta it, capped it tightly and hoped for the best. 

Seems to have done the trick this time! Went on butter smooth and covered in 2 coats. Weird mystery polish. Still love that colour ;) 

My little Pickle monster got into some tall dead grass in our backyard and seems to have scratched or irritated his eye. I'm keeping a close eye (ha ha) on him and do have him booked into the vet next week. We can take him in as a walk in if need be, but it seems to be clearing up on it's own. Poor Pickles! I hope it does, I'd hate to trim his gorgeous lashes. :)

ooooooh... I'm Pickles.... feel sorry for me...

Max is not impressed.


  1. Interesting color! Max certainly does not seem excited. :)

  2. ha ha! Max is 14. the only thing that excites him is freeze dried chicken. ;)