Monday, October 18, 2010

Orly Velvet Rope, SH HD Laser

Wow, wowee, wow, wow, wow! 

I passed on the SH HD's when they first came out, but saw some in a clearance bin this weekend. I picked up Laser and Spectrum. Umm.. why did I pass on these before? 

It's like totally my favourite finish of like all time! 

Like OMG! But really, this is stunning. Almost in a literal sense. I keep staring at my nails. They have stunned me. 

This is 2 coats of Laser over 2 coats of Velvet Rope (which is a gorgeous matte plum, but that is for another day maybe!) and I coat of Speedey from CND. It's bloody lovely isn't it?

Goes to show you, you gotta give some polishes a second look. Or you'll miss out on surprising yourself with the gorgeous. 

Have any polishes surprised you lately? Anything you thought was blech that turned out to be the hot? Do tell....


  1. pretty!!
    i love it

  2. I know why you passed them up, they were kind of expensive for a Sally, but yes, I love this finish, so sparkly, so vibrant!

  3. they are amazing aren't they? and @aggie I think you're right. that must have been why I passed 'em up. yay for clearance bins!