Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sally Hansen Extreme Purple Gala

I sent Chris a list of polishes to look for in the US on his last trip. He found the Milani's I wanted but came up empty with the SH's I asked for.

Which worked out just fine as I found them here last week! There they were, just waiting for me.

I admit to squeeeeeeeing when I saw them. I mean, look at that colour. It's gorgeous! 

2 coats, kinda sunny and see the shine? The shimmer? The foily goodness?

Sally, you may be a ho, but you are a crafty one!

Please forgive the weird pics, I just got a new camera and hadn't quite figured out the settings when I took these. They are HUGE. I plead ignorance for now.


  1. Really is an interesting purple polish. Lovely pics and lovely nails (they really showcase this polish that I have yet to see in the states)!

  2. thank you so much. It is a fantastic colour.. and I'm sure it'll turn up soon for you. :)