Friday, August 13, 2010

Franken Friday!!

Ever have a hankering for something you just don't have? You know, like a Kit Kat Blizzard at 3 am? I had that craving (for the blizzard more than once I tell you!) for a red purple jelly with sparkles.

So I made one.

Um seriously.. how hot is this?

I used some Claire's Hollywood and Starstruck with ChG Seduce me and
Sephora OPI Blue Grotto.
I love it so so so much. I may even put it on again. Like today.
Do you franken? Any awesome recipes to share?
Happy weekend gorgeous..

PS ignore the yucky under finger filing.. I had an argument with the nail clippers. They won.


  1. Pretty! I've made some franken jellees but nothing I tracked the recipe for. They're so fun though.


  2. That's a gorgeous colour. I have never frankened but I would love to try at some point :)

  3. Wow, this is amazing. I've tried to franken a couple times and I've decided that it is just not something I have a knack for, lol. You, however...

  4. I have had a few epic FAIL frankens. this one fortunately, worked out just like I saw in my head. that rarely happens ;)

  5. Very nice! I have gathered supplies for frankening but have not yet managed to actually do any. Must get on that soon.