Monday, August 9, 2010

Sephora Stormy Pink

I picked this up on the weekend. Sephora was having a double points/GWP and I ALWAYS fall for that. 

This is neither Stormy or Pink. It looks like a straight up burgundy to me. 

My manis have been lacking something lately. Maybe I need more bling in my life right now. 

This is 2 coats, full sun. It scratched up really quickly and has a chip already! I think I need to open up a new topcoat. What do you do when your manicures start to seem boring?


  1. Hmm, maybe the storm is so bad, and the clouds so dark, that the pink turned burgundy.

    I turn to layering when I want to spice up my manis--though now that I'm learning to Konad, that might be my go to method soon.

  2. I totally konad and start doing funky French manicures.

  3. I slap a coat of Hidden Treasure on top of an old mani and call it good.

  4. When my mani gets boring, I usually add a glitter top coat (Hidden Treasure!), French tips in another color, or some sort of other design.

  5. you ladies are FULL of good ideas! I even bought ChG Fairy Dust and haven't used it yet!! :)

  6. Emm... I clean up my nails and paint them again ^^
    Visit my blog if you want: :)