Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NYC Flat Iron Green with Urban Outfitters Sparkle Green

I know you all saw this yesterday...

but look! Now it has flakie goodness!

Urban Outfitters had these on for 99 cents!

It did darken up the NYC some, but the flakies are so cute! This is one coat of the UO. Our skies are blue today. The yellow was from forest fires in BC! The jet stream changed course, so we had all this particulate in our atmosphere. Very weird yes? Also today I may have gone a little batshit crazy at a LYS..

So much yarny goodness.. almost all on sale! What hobbies are keeping you busy now?


  1. Hey, this is really good! Actually your nails are really really nice aswell.. I am new follower and u r welcome to my blog

  2. haha I am a dog mum aswell :))