Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NYC Flat Iron Green

The sky outside my house is yellow. Really really yellow. And it's cold out (12 degrees celcius) so I don't think its a tornado...

It's skewing all my pictures slightly green, which actually works for this polish! It's a super blackened green (and did mention it was like 1.50!?! wowsers..) and it is super duper shiny!

2 easy peasy coats in this weird green light. I tried to take about eleventy million more pictures, but they all came out with my fingers red as lobsters. Cooked ones! So these will have to do.

If NARS Zulu is like this but a jelly? I WILL DIE OF THE PRETTY! I also will be pre-ordering it. mmmmm.. jelly....

Keep your eyes on the skies gorgeous! What's your weather like?


  1. Pretty!
    So what happened with your weather?

  2. Wait, this is a drugstore pretty? Can I get it anywhere in the US? Why don't I have it?! Stunning on you :)

  3. I found this at the Wal Marts! Unbelievably cheap and amazing finish. I didn't need a topcoat as it was so shiny! Of course I used one anyways, for the fast drying thing. :)

  4. I'm wearing this one right now. It's surprisingly good for NYC! The color is gorgeous.

    xoxo Hannah

  5. I love this colour so much! and I love the cheapness too :)