Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Essie Sew Psyched

I was pretty psyched (groan) to find this at Winners!

It fits all my go to polish needs. Green-ish, dusty, slightly murky..

applies like butter in 2 coats. And was just kind of ugly enough to go with anything. In a good way.

What I wasn't counting on? 6 days of wear without a single chip, dent or blemish!

I don't know if I can wholly put it down to Essie.. I did finally buy some Seche Vite.

Man does it stink! But if it gives me hassle free nails, I'll tolerate it. Only time will tell..


  1. hey i tagged you in my recent post [award]
    check it out :D !

    - kathy ♥

  2. Gorgeous! It's nice to see an edgy color from Essie. =)

  3. @Gryffindor thanks! cute poll and award. :)

    @nihrida I do love a good edgy colour too. more please Essie!