Monday, November 22, 2010

China Glaze Peace on Earth

I've been seeing the ChG X-mas collection at nail polish heaven for the last month or so, and have passed on all of them.

Until I started seeing this one pop up on nail blogs. 

I have a huge hate on for frosts and I thought that POE was one until I saw .... nope!

In fact it's a metallic olive. Right up my alley!

Even Chris likes it. In fact he picked it as my manicure. 

2 coats, and it has great coverage. We have no sun here right now, only snow, so this is indoors with natural light.

Well... as much as there is right now.And btw.. that's not tip wear. It's Seche Vite being a big jerk. :/


  1. This is one color from the xmas set that I don't have, but i really need to get it soon.

  2. yes. yes you do. it is the awesome.

  3. omg i thought i was the only person who hates foils. i just may have to get this now! thanks for clearing it up! :)