Friday, November 12, 2010

OPI Let Me Entertain You, Femme Couture Prince ala Charm

I was in the mood to do some layering. 

001 (45)

So I pulled out the OPI LMEY (ha ha limey) and topped it with some Prince ala Charm. 

002 (43)


008 (29)

I rarely like stuff on the first go but this was a win for me.

006 (38)

I do think my love affair with Seche Vite is over though, it shrinks like a bastard. Especially on Orly polishes I've noticed. It really does prevent chips, but it makes my tips look TERRIBLE. Not impressed dude. 

007 (32)

Also, since I'm already kind of bitching, since when has blogger had limits on photo storage? Ugh. Now I get to take the extra step to upload pix to flickr and then transfer them to blogger. LAME


Pickles and Max say have a good weekend possums!

Sorry about any too big-ness of the pix, it took me bloody ages to figure out this stupid new way of dealing with photos. I'll get it eventually. Hopefully. 


  1. Oh crap, they limit photo storage. Great. I'm not there yet, but I am not looking forward to that headache. The mani looks fantastic, though...and Seche and I recently broke up...I couldn't stand the shrinkage!

  2. @VV I have another blog (and have had it for YEARS) so maybe it's just cause I'm a greedy piggy with my photo storage. it'll be interesting to see if anyone else says anything about it. :D