Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sally Hansen Problem Child

I am slightly less than plussed with this colour. 

It's pretty, and there are teeny tiny flakies in it. Like the little sister of OPI Merry Midnight.

But all I see is dark. Until I look super duper closely at it with my glasses off. 

Then it is AWESOME SAUCE!! But it is really not practical to walk around squinting into my nails. 

One might walk into the wall if one did that. You know.. if one was that dumb.

yeah.. I totally did that. sigh.

And just never mind about my cuticles. I am almost never a cuticle apologist, but -37? yeah, between the furnace and shoveling the walks? gross. just gross.


  1. With some polisehs, I am sometimes half tempted to walk around with a very bright flashlight to show them off to best advantage in direct light, and that wouldn't be good, either.