Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sally Hansen Sequin Scandal

EDIT: I added this picture after I took in the tiny bit of sun we got late this afternoon. Mucho gorgeous yes?

Another one I'm not sure if I love. In the bottle? YES!

On my nails? Not too sure..

I may have to resort to what the lovely KarenD* suggested and start carrying around a flashlight.

It is pretty and olivey and has leetle tiny flakies in it..

2 coats and it covered wonderfully. Although I have to say, both this and Problem Child had the most jacked up brushes EVER. Seriously, they are crack is whack jacked!

What do you think? Is this all that and a bag of chips? Oh gods I could eat the hell out of some salt and vinegar chips RIGHT NOW.

*I'm a Karen also. We had 2 Karens' in my school. I was Karen M. :)


  1. i think it's cute. i might have to pick up. :)

  2. seeing it in super sunlight, I have to encourage that pick up ;)

  3. I've been lemming this one like CRAZY.
    I just can't find the damn thing anywhere...ugh.

    Anywho, it's beautiful. I love how it looks against your skin too.

  4. why thanks! I thought it would never show up here either. now I've seen the display a bunch up different places. hopefully it'll show up for you soon. :)

  5. Hm, this is darker than I thought it would be. It's pretty, but I only -love- it in sunlight.

  6. @Zara. I know right? there's been a rash of colours like this for me lately.